As far as Spy Tools go, AdSpy is head and shoulders above the rest. This is a good thing because with the cut throat competition in the affiliate market, you need a formidable tool to give you a leg up.

Just in case you have never heard of AdSpy, this is the perfect place to be. We shall be discussing the definition and features of AdSpy.

Later you can find out how to grab an AdSpy Free Trial from right here. But first things first.

What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is a powerful Ad and PPC Spy tool. In other words, AdSpy is a robust software used by affiliates and other digital marketers to Spy on Social Media Ads as well as PPC campaigns.

How can AdSpy be of assistance to you?

For one, AdSpy is a tool built by affiliates for affiliates. Now, I understand this makes the other digital marketers feel a bit left out but AdSpy has so much to offer beyond affiliate marketing.

According to the AdSpy website, they offer unparalleled array of data and innovative searches.

What this means is AdSpy has the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram Ads. In fact, the numbers hover around 80.4 million Ads from 13.6 million advertisers. Also, AdSpy covers 198 countries and comes in 88 different languages.

How is that for extensive! With these staggering numbers, you can tap into the 2 largest and fastest growing Ad platforms in the marketFacebook and Instagram.

If you need to get started right away, do not forget our AdSpy Free Trial details coming soon. You may miss some important titbit.

AdSpy Features

AdSpy has some very impressive features. We shall be discussing the most prominent.


As earlier stated, AdSpy has the most extensive database of social media Ads. Without a proper search and filter tool, you will be lost for days.

For this reason, AdSpy offers an Enhanced Basic Search tool that offers the most search options of any Ad Intelligence tool in the biz.

You can search by Ad Text, URL, Page Name, and Comments. Also, you can search by Text in the Ad, Advertiser Names, Number of Likes, and Type of Media used.

But what if you have some keywords? No problem! Search through comments for your keywords. Discover what is working for your competitors and how their target audience is reacting to their offers.

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You can never have a comprehensive search without filters. Filters enable you to sift through the debris and get to you target Ad.

AdSpy has a powerful filter tool. You can filter by Affiliate Network, Affiliate ID, Offer ID, or Landing Page technologies. Further, you can filter Ads by Last Seen, Likes, Comments, Shares, and Longest running.

These filters are extremely important when you’re trying to uncover thriving new products and discover compelling new campaigns.

Plus, in the long run, you will find what you need much faster and cheaper than you would using the age-old methods.

Stay perked for our AdSpy Free Trial reveal.


The trick to staying updated lay in your ability to access the latest market trends. Unfortunately, this also means you have to wade through millions of data snippets.

But not to worry.

AdSpy’s arsenal of tools provides both the largest pool of social media Ad data and the Tool Box to deal with it. With these vast amounts of data, you can be sure that you will not miss any Ads that you should be seeing.

Also, AdSpy’s artificial intelligence capabilities mean that you won’t have to deal with irrelevant information at all. AdSpy allows you to search and filter by what is relevant to you and your business.

This way, you have both the benefit of massive data without the overwhelming feeling that comes with it.

Is your patience wearing thin? It is just about time for our AdSpy Free Trial reveal, next.

AdSpy Pricing

Seldom will you find a simpler pricing criterion.

AdSpy offers only one pricing option and it costs $149 a month. For this amount, you will get unlimited AdSpy plus all its bells and whistles.

In addition to this, AdSpy offers Free Credits upon sign-up. These free credits are AdSpy’s Free Trial. You can use them to get a feel of the AdSpy platform and learn whether it will work for your business.

Now that you are informed about the AdSpy Free Trial, be careful with the free credits. They go by fast especially when you launch a complicated search.

AdSpy Pros

  • Massive Ad database
  • Affordable
  • Free Trial

AdSpy Cons

  • Searches sometimes timeout
  • One user per account.

Final Thoughts

AdSpy is definitely a tool to try. In a market brimming with often useless Spy Tools, this one tries to deliver what they promise and in ways that will not frustrate you.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with us. We love to hear from you.